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VIFRISAN, the best air-conditioning solutions for businesses in Alicante

VIFRISAN, the best air-conditioning solutions for businesses in Alicante

What factors must be taken into account to choose the most suitable air conditioning system for your company? What advantages does VIFRISAN, the company specialized in air conditioning for businesses in Alicante, offer you?

If you have a commercial establishment, you know how important it is to have a good air conditioning system that allows you to offer your customers and employees a pleasant and comfortable environment. In addition, adequate air conditioning can help you save energy and money , reducing the environmental impact of your activity.

There are many air conditioning options for commercial establishments on the Costa Blanca, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is best that you have the advice of a professional to help you choose the most appropriate one for your business. At VIFRISAN we offer you this service, and we also guarantee a fast, safe and quality installation, with the best brands on the market .

Air conditioning for businesses in Alicante: what solutions exist?

Air conditioning for businesses in Alicante is a topic that requires a personalized study, since not all businesses have the same needs or the same characteristics.

Among the possible air conditioning solutions for companies on the Costa Blanca that we offer, we can highlight the following:

  • Wall splits : they are the most common and the easiest to install. They consist of an indoor unit that is placed on the wall and an outdoor unit that is placed on the outside of the building. They are ideal for air conditioning small or medium-sized spaces, such as offices or stores.
  • Multi Split : These are similar to wall splits, but allow you to connect several indoor units to a single outdoor unit. In this way, several spaces can be air-conditioned with a single system, saving space and money. They are suitable for businesses with several rooms.
  • Cassette : they are interior units that are installed in the ceiling, being integrated into the false ceiling. They have a great cooling and heating capacity, and distribute the air evenly throughout the room. They are perfect for air conditioning large spaces with a lot of people.
  • Ducts : These are systems that are based on a network of ducts that transport air from a central unit to the different outlet points through grilles. They are very discreet and silent systems, which allow the entire business to be air-conditioned with a single unit. They are ideal for businesses that seek uniform air conditioning without visible elements.
  • Floor/ceiling : these are indoor units that can be placed on either the floor or the ceiling, depending on the needs and available space. They have great power and versatility, and can be oriented to direct the air flow where desired. They are optimal for air conditioning spaces with high ceilings.
  • VRF : These are high-efficiency air conditioning systems that allow the temperature of each area or room to be regulated independently. They consist of an outdoor unit and several indoor units, which can be of different types and sizes. They are very advanced and sophisticated systems, which offer great comfort and great energy savings. They are recommended for businesses that require personalized and quality air conditioning, such as hotels, hospitals or office buildings.
  • Rooftop : These are units that are installed on the roof of the building. They are very powerful and resistant systems, which can air-condition large surfaces with a single piece of equipment. They are appropriate for businesses that need simple and effective air conditioning, such as supermarkets, cinemas or gyms.

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Air conditioning for businesses in Alicante: why choose VIFRISAN?

If you are looking for air conditioning systems for businesses in Alicante, VIFRISAN is a company dedicated to the sale, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems in all types of shops and businesses . We work throughout the province of Alicante, mainly in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, as well as San Miguel de Salinas, Pilar de la Horadada, Rojales, Guardamar del Segura, La Marina, Ciudad Quesada...

We are a company with extensive experience in the sector and we have a team of qualified technicians who will offer you a personalized and quality service, adapted to your needs and expectations.

Don't wait any longer and request your quote without obligation. We will be happy to assist you and give you the best air conditioning solution for businesses in Alicante. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Fill out the contact form that appears on our website
  • Send an email to vifrisan@vifrisan.com
  • Call 965 717 041
  • Call mobile 670 320 856
  • Visit our office at Avda. Diego Ramírez Pastor, 62-64 – Torrevieja 03181 (Alicante)
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