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  • Stages: Sediments 5 microns, carbon GAC, carbon block, (booster pump option), membrane and postfilter carbon antibacterial NANOSILVER
  • High flow of water. 3/8 "Tubing
  • Encapsulated GDP 75 membrane
  • 2.2 gallon tank
  • Installation Kit
  • Includes New Look Faucet
  • Pressure Reducer 1/4"
  • Anti-leak system Water Stop 1/4"


Renew Your Relationship with Water: Phoenix Osmosis

Get ready to transform your relationship with water and add a touch of freshness to your daily life with the 5-Stage Compact Osmosis Phoenix. It's not just a water purifier, it's your gateway to premium hydration.

Discover why the Phoenix Osmosis is your best choice:

Guaranteed Results: With five powerful stages, this marvel eliminates up to 97.5% of salts, metals, and that unwanted chlorine taste. Every sip becomes a pure and delicious experience.

Style and Technology: More than just a purifier, the Phoenix Osmosis blends elegant design with the latest in technology. It not only enhances water quality but also redefines your connection with it. Forget about worries, enjoy a strong water flow, and be part of the revolution right in your home.

Hassle-Free Installation: Want to enjoy convenience without complications? Basic installation is already included! Let the Phoenix Osmosis find its perfect place in your life without unnecessary hassles.

Advantages we love

Compact and Attractive: Integrated into a stylish cabinet, the Phoenix Osmosis not only purifies but also adds a touch of style to your home. Your water is cleaner, and your kitchen is more modern.

Specifications to break the routine:

  • Working Pressure: With or without a pump, it guarantees optimal performance, adapting to your needs.
  • Inlet Temperature: From 5 to 35 ºC, because perfect water doesn't have to be hot or cold, just perfect!
  • Maximum Inlet TDS: 1000 ppm, eliminating everything that shouldn't be in your glass.
  • Electric Voltage: Simple (without a pump) or 220 – 24 V (with a pump), for adjustable efficiency.
  • Dimensions: Compact and easy to integrate, with a width of 240 mm, height of 430 mm, and depth of 475 mm.

Options to Customize Your Experience:

  • Plastic ¼" Pressure Reducer: Because customization is key to adapting to your needs and preferences.

Make every sip an extraordinary experience

Get your Phoenix Compact Osmosis now and add a touch of freshness to your daily life! Imagine the convenience of having purified water without constantly buying and carrying heavy bottles. Save time and effort, and gain in well-being.


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