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Air Curtains

Air curtains are devices that create an invisible barrier of air between two environments, separating the interior from the exterior or two zones with different climatic conditions. Their main function is to prevent the entry of cold or hot air, dust, smoke, insects or unwanted odours, thus maintaining an optimal temperature and air quality inside. Among their multiple advantages for your business, they stand out:

  • Energy saving: by avoiding the loss or entry of heat, air curtains reduce the consumption of air conditioning systems.
  • Comfort and health: by maintaining a constant and pleasant temperature inside, air curtains improve comfort and well-being. In addition, by filtering the outside air, air curtains prevent the entry of pollutants or allergens, which improves air quality.
  • Accessibility and safety: by allowing the doors to be left open without losing thermal and acoustic insulation, air curtains facilitate the access of people, especially those with reduced mobility or with trolleys. Likewise, by preventing condensation or ice formation at the entrances, air curtains prevent slips and falls.
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