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SERVICES - Heating and DHW Installations

We are an expert air conditioning company , included in the Generalitat Valenciana Business Registry and with a professional license in thermal installations in buildings. We carry out all kinds of heating, repair and maintenance installations , working with top quality brands and at the forefront with the latest technology.

If you have in mind to install heating in your home or office , talk to our specialized air conditioning installers. We have extensive experience in air conditioning systems and we know what is best for you for your energy savings and economy.

Today, energy expenditure is one of the most notable in a home. To reduce it, it is important to choose the best heating for our home. The most common fuels in heating installations are Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane Gas and in recent years, photovoltaic solar aerothermal energy .

Here you can see the different Heating and DHW (Sanitary Hot Water) systems that we use at VIFRISAN:


Gas boilers are the most widely used heating and hot water production system in cities, due to the existing piped gas network and the convenience of not having tanks or bottles for fuel storage at home. There are several types of boilers that we are going to explain:


Oil boilers are those that use heating oil, also called Gasoil C as fuel.

Oil heating is the only one that reaches everywhere . Diesel is easily found anywhere in the world and its installation does not require any complex system.


Biomass boilers are those that use vegetable material as fuel. This can be specially prepared for it (pellet) or not. The main characteristics of this type of boilers are:

  • 1. Pollution is almost zero
  • 2. The price of fuel, the cheapest in the market . On the contrary, the boiler itself is more expensive than a gas or diesel one.

To use a biomass boiler for heating, it is normal to only change the boiler and not the entire heating system, since this system is compatible with other more common heaters, such as underfloor heating or radiators .


These stoves, like boilers, consume ecological and renewable fuel pellets , so they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. They are capable of self -feeding, being programmed to maintain a certain temperature or turn on and off automatically at a specific time.

Pellet stoves produce smoke and need a smoke outlet directly into the room where they are located. It is possible to evacuate the smoke vertically, with a conventional chimney that goes upwards, or by forcing it to exit horizontally.

Most of the pellet stoves are used only to heat the environment , but there are some models that can also be used to generate hot water in the house , as if they were a boiler.


Underfloor heating is the most efficient, comfortable, silent and versatile heating distribution system that exists . This is a heating system that emits heat through the ground surface .

The main advantage is that the heat is emitted by radiation, which mainly results in less heat loss through the walls, ceilings or floors, with the consequent energy savings . In order to obtain the same heating conditions in the same space, between 15% and 20% less energy is needed in radiant floor heating methods.

Underfloor heating is a heating system that allows you to maintain a stable temperature inside your home or premises, without problems for the health of the people who inhabit it. It heats by radiation without raising dust mites or microorganisms and its use does not dry out the air or the nasal mucous membranes, keeping the feet warm while breathing fresh air, hence it is considered healthy.

In this way, the upper part of the room will be cooler than the lower part . In addition to being a system that allows energy consumption to be reduced with the consequent economic savings, it contributes to the conservation of the environment .

  • Electric heating : electricity heats the system that is under the pavement, which produces heat in the room.
  • Hot water heating : it is the classic system of boilers plus pipes, but in this case they are placed under the floor instead of radiators on the walls.


Thermal emitters are a type of electric radiator that work with an electrical resistance and a heat transfer fluid inside an aluminum casing, similar to the water radiators used in central heating.

If you want to heat your home at a reasonable cost, at VIFRISAN we have the most efficient electric radiators . And we install them for you!


The pool heat pump is an essential accessory if we want to enjoy our pool for longer throughout the year . By heating the water we extend the period of use, even being able to use the pool 365 days a year.

The heat pump is the most economical solution that can be used to heat and maintain the temperature of the pool water . If you live on the Costa Blanca and would like to take advantage of the good weather all year round with relaxing baths in the pool, at VIFRISAN we install pool heat pumps with all the guarantees .


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